No discount or subscription? No OV-chipkaart required

Did you know that nowadays you can check in and out with your debit card, credit card or cell phone? See OVpay.

Discount or subscription? Personal OV-chipkaart

To travel with a subscription, discount product or age reduction, you need a personal OV-chipkaart. Such an OV-chip card costs €7.50 and can be purchased at www.ov-chipkaart.nl.

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

If you do not want to check in and out with your debit card or credit card or cell phone and also do not have an (age) discount or subscription, you can use an anonymous OV-chipkaart. An anonymous OV-chipkaart also costs €7.50 and can be purchased:

  • at a ticket machines at a station
  • at the counters of carriers
  • at retail stores and supermarkets
  • at OVshop, Chipbizz's webshop

Or visit a point of sale near you.

Checking in and out

At the beginning of your journey, you can check in by holding your OV-chipkaart against the card reader on the bus. The card reader can be recognised by the logo of the OV-chipkaart. If there is sufficient credit or a valid subscription on your card, the card reader gives an access signal. A green light also lights up.
At the end of the journey, hold your OV-chipkaart at a gate or a card reader to check it out. The display shows what the trip cost and how much credit you have left on the card.

  • Always check in! Otherwise you risk a fine. This also applies to subscription holders and students.
  • Do not check out until the stop is approaching.
  • Switching buses? Check out and check in on the next bus.

Forgot to check out?

Did you not check out, for example because of a malfunction or because you forgot to? Then you can reclaim your credit via uitcheckgemist.nl.

Please note: Every six months, you can request a credit refund no more than 3 times per carrier. It is therefore important to pay close attention when checking out.

You can sign up for the Missed Check Out Alert. This way you know exactly when you are entitled to a credit refund. You can register for this email alert at www.uitcheckgemist.nl/melding.

Pay per invoice

Do you always want to be able to check in and out without having enough credit on your OV-chipkaart? Then you can use NS Flex or an NS Business Card. You (or your employer) will receive an invoice for your trips at the end of the month.

View travel history

In some cases when requesting a refund, you will be asked for an overview of your travel history. This overview shows the trips and transactions you have made with your personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart.

Lost or damaged OV-chipkaart

Is your personal OV-chipkaart broken or lost? Apply for a replacement card as soon as possible. Please note: do not apply for a new card, but for a replacement one. With a new card, your travel products will not be transferred. Any remaining credit will not be refunded.

You can request a replacement card via your account on the OV-chipkaart website.

Travelling awaiting a replacement OV chip card

If you have a valid subscription with redeemed travel rights, you can travel on Connexxion buses with a temporary subscription pending the replacement of the card. This temporary subscription is valid on all Connexxion buses for one week.
To apply for a temporary subscription you need to have:

  • already applied for a replacement card. This request can be made via OV-chipkaart.nl
  • an anonymous OV-chipkaart.

You can then contact our customer service. One of our staff members will prepare the replacement subscription for you, so that you can put it on your OV-chipkaart at one of the pick-up points. You can travel with this replacement subscription until your new OV-chipkaart has arrived.

If you normally travel on credit, we recommend that you temporarily purchase an anonymous OV-chipkaart.

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

You can also reclaim the credit of your broken or lost anonymous OV-chipkaart. To reclaim credit, go to OV-chipkaart.nl.

More about the OV-chipkaart

You can find detailed information about the OV-chipkaart at: www.ov-chipkaart.nl.

Other payment methods

Paper ticket

Buy a ticket from the bus driver with a debit or credit card. You can also buy a ticket at various points of sale.


Order an e-ticket online. You can print it or show it on your mobile when travelling by bus.


Buy an online ticket to travel by bus via an app on your mobile phone.