Transdev/Connexxion is a leader in zero-emission passenger transport and innovative mobility solutions. For example, we contribute to the intention of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to make public transport completely emission-free by 2025.
For example, the largest emission-free bus fleet in Europe can be found at Schiphol under the name of Connexxion. This fleet of 100 electric buses was launched in April 2018.

There are currently almost 300 Connexxion electric buses and shuttles on Dutch roads. These can be found at and around Schiphol, but also in Southeast Brabant, Noord-Holland Noord, Haarlem-IJmond, and Hoeksche Waard/Goeree Overflakkee.

Also part of the emission-free fleet: the electric autonomous Parkshuttle in Rotterdam, the trolley buses in Arnhem-Nijmegen and hydrogen buses in Eindhoven and Hoeksche Waard - Goerree-Overflakkee.

Electric buses

Connexxion and its sub-brands operate a large number of electric buses in various models. These electric buses have a different range; the timetable takes this range into account so that the buses are charged on time.

Charging the batteries of the electric buses can be done in two different ways: with a plug or with a pantograph.

Trolley buses

The Breng trolley bus in Arnhem is the only existing trolley bus network in the Benelux and one of the largest in Western Europe.

A trolley bus is a bus driven by electric motors. Power is led to the bus by means of a network of catenaries that is spread throughout the city. When the catenaries do not work properly or when they are missing, the bus can still drive on with the help of an emergency diesel engine.

As of March 2019, Breng has trolley buses that can also run electrically without overhead wires. The emergency engine has been replaced by a battery that is charged when the bus is connected to the catenary.

Fuel cell buses

A feul cell bus is an electrically powered bus that is supplied with electricity via a fuel cell in the bus by converting hydrogen into electricity.

Fuel cell buses refuel at hydrogen filling stations. The advantage of the hydrogen bus is that it can cover the same distance as a normal diesel bus.

There are two fuel cell buses running for Hermes in Eindhoven, and four running for Connexxion in Hoeksche Waard - Goerree-Overflakkee.