Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS)

Are you an employee at Schiphol and do you use public transport? Then you can travel for free with the Schiphol bus network and R-net buses within the Schiphol area. Employees of a number of companies at Schiphol can use the Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS) for free.

Who can get a Schiphol subscription?

You can use the JAS if you meet the following conditions:


You are 18 years of age or older

To apply for JAS, you must be 18 years of age or older.


You have a personal OV-chipkaart

To apply for a season ticket, you need a personal OV-chip card.


You work at an affiliated Schiphol organization

These are: ACN, Air France, KLM, Defense, Royal Military Police, Customs, Justice, Air Traffic Control, Martinair, Schiphol, Transavia, TUI and WTC Schiphol.


You have received a Schiphol or company pass

Always take your company pass or employer's statement with you. During checks by our Service & Security teams, you may be asked for your company pass or employer statement as a random check.

Please note: use Chrome or Firefox as a browser when applying for an Annual Schiphol Subscription.

Where can I travel for free?

Free travel with JAS applies to all of Schiphol within zones 5733 and 5734. The direct JAS ride from Schiphol to KLM headquarters and the Amstelveen bus station is only valid for bus line 186 from Schiphol. In addition, the JAS pass is also valid on other Connexxion bus lines: R-net 300 (not on the A9), 341 and 397. For these lines, free travel is only within the Schiphol area (between stops Handelskade and Junction Schiphol-North).

Do you also want to travel outside the Schiphol area with your OV-chip card? No problem. The subscription automatically calculates at the moment you check out which part of your trip is free and for which part you pay. The JAS abonnement only works if you do not have a negative balance on your OV-chipkaart. You cannot be 'in deficit'. So always make sure you have sufficient balance on your OV-chipkaart. Note: Do not forget to check out. When you do not check out, € 4,- will be deducted from your OV-chipcard.

Do you use Schiphol Flex? Then the part of the journey outside the Schiphol area will be charged afterwards.


Please note that during checks by our Service & Security teams, you may be asked for your company card or employer's statement as a random check. Therefore, make sure that you always carry your company card or employer's statement with you during your trip. Show your documentation to the inspector when requested. If you fail to do so, the inspector may give you a fine.

Schiphol Flex

Schiphol Flex offers you all the benefits of the Annual Schiphol Subscription. Plus the benefits of easy online payments.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about JAS or Schiphol Flex?