Schiphol Flex

Are you a user of the Annual Schiphol Subscription? Then you're already enjoying free travel with Connexxion buses on and around Schiphol. With Schiphol Flex, travelling becomes even easier.

Travel first, pay later

With Schiphol Flex, you can check in and check out without any balance on your public transport chip card. You pay for your travel costs outside the Schiphol area afterwards.

Online access and overview

You can arrange everything for this travel product online. You also have insight into your travel costs through your own online overview at all times.

Subsequent payment

With Schiphol Flex, you pay your public transport trips afterwards. All your trips outside the Schiphol area will be gathered on one monthly invoice.

To be eligible for Schiphol Flex, you need an approved Schiphol Pass/company pass from an affiliated organisation. Schiphol Flex will be added to your personal public transport chip card.

Employees working for an organisation that is not affiliated can apply for a mobility pass for the Schiphol bus network at the VCC (Vervoer Co√∂rdinatie Centrum Schiphol).

Overview company cards

Employees with one of the following company cards can travel with the JAS subscription to the personal OV-chipkaart:
  • ACN
  • Air France/KLM/KLM Catering
  • Customs
  • Justice department
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Martinair
  • Mobility Pas (distributed by VCC)
  • Schiphol
  • Transavia
  • TUI
  • WTC Schiphol

Always take your Schiphol or company pass with you. If you are unable to show it to our PT employees, you run the risk of being fined.
Please use Chrome or Firefox as your browser when you apply for Schiphol Flex.
Please note: at this moment, we can only offer our ordering process in the Dutch language. When you open this page in Google Chrome, you can translate the text into English by right-clicking on the page.