Randstad North Zone Subscription Month

Randstad Noord Zone Abonnement Maand

You get:

Noord-Holland and Almere region
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Unlimited free travel in buses of Connexxion, EBS, GVB and allGo/Keolis

€ 60.20

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In Dutch: Randstad Noord Zone Abonnement Maand

Valid where?

Valid on bus lines of Connexxion, EBS (Waterland) and GVB (Amsterdam) in the Noord-Holland region and of Keolis/allGo in Almere and surroundings within the subscription’s area of validity.
Also valid on most Connexxion night lines, EBS night network and GVB night bus within the subscription’s area of validity. This subscription is also valid on GVB trams and metros.

Not valid on:
  • Niteliner N60 Alkmaar – Heerhugowaard
  • Niteliner N69 Alkmaar Station – Amsterdam Marnixstraat
  • Niteliner N80 Amsterdam – IJmuiden
  • Niteliner N32 Hilversum – Huizen
  • TESO
  • NS trains
  • busses of Arriva. This means that on these Arriva buses you travel with credit or another travel product. Keep this in mind when choosing a specific centre zone!

Area of validity

You can choose an area of validity yourself. This depends on the chosen centre zone and the star value of the subscription. Use the zone tool to discover which centre zone and star value suit your trip.

Do you (also) travel with other operators?

For example, with Arriva bus lines 50, 90, 147 or 350 or with another carrier outside the Noord-Holland province? Then you can not travel with the Randstad North Zone Subscription. We advise Always Discount subscription instead.

Product terms and conditions

Product terms and conditions apply to the Randstad North Zone subscription. Our privacy statement applies to the execution of our services.‚Äč
  • Only possible for those with a personal OV-chipkaart.
  • With Randstad North Zone Month you can travel for exactly one month after the starting date.
  • The Randstad Noord Zone subscriptions are available in full and reduced fare. Passengers eligible for reduction are children (4 to 11 years), youth (12 to 18 years) and elderly (65+).
  • When checking in and out with another carrier or another travel area, the credit or another travel subscription is automatically used.
  • Even with a subscription you must check in and out with your OV-chipkaart when boarding and leaving. Otherwise you do not have a valid ticket and risk a fine.


Sales of this product are handled by the OVshop.

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