Transdev Voordeel

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Gooi and Vechtstreek
Transdev Voordeel is valid when you travel with your debit card in the Gooi and Vecht region.
You already get a 10% discount as soon as you travel with Transdev for more than 20 euros per month.

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Transdev Voordeel is a free advantage for anyone who travels by bus in the Gooi and Vecht region and checks in and out with their debit card.

Transdev Voordeel in a nutshell

More travel, more discount
You already receive a 10% discount if you travel for more than 20 euro per month with Transdev in Gooi and Vecht. The more you travel, the more discount you get.

→ Travel with your debit card
lTransdev Voordeel is a free advantage for anyone who checks in and out with their debit card. You only have to activate it once.

The discount is calculated automatically. You don't have to do anything for this.

No subscription
Transdev Voordeel is free of charge. It is not a subscription to which you are bound. If you do not travel, you do not have to cancel Transdev Voordeel. You do not pay anything for this.

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Product conditions in brief

► To benefit from Transdev Advantage you need a MijnTransdev account. You can create this in the Transdev App on

► Important: check in and out with your debit card, otherwise you cannot benefit from Transdev Voordeel.

Transdev Voordeel is covered by product terms and conditions (in dutch).

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