High-quality transport Amstelland Meerlanden

With the R-net buses we offer high quality transport in Gooi and Vechtstreek. R-net is an initiative of the cooperating provinces of Flevoland, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, the Rotterdam Metropolitan Area The Hague and the Amsterdam Transport Region. R-net drives frequently and brings you to your destination quickly. 

The R-net service is expanding considerably within Amstelland-Meerlanden and will run 24 hours a day on many lines. Every area with more than 10,000 residents will have a direct 24/7 public transport connection to Schiphol. Every bus stop within the entire area will be connected to the airport with no more than one transfer.

Did you know this about our R-net buses?

  • A bus every 5-8 minutes so you do not have to consult the timetable at all. The night lines run every half an hour.
  • Extra long buses where you can easily find a seat.
  • You will get to your destination quickly thanks to the many bus lanes.
  • More comfort during your trip with free Wi-Fi, USB connections for free charging of electronic devices.

Comfortable R-net buses

The R-net buses of 13 metres and 18 metres long run from Hoofddorp, Amstelveen, Uithoorn and Aalsmeer to Amsterdam, Schiphol and Haarlem. The buses comply with the Euro 6 emission standard. These buses have a high-quality R-net appeal and are equipped with comfortable seats and USB ports at every seat.

R-net double-decker

The double-decker buses run frequently the enitre day on R-net bus line 346 between Haarlem Station and Amsterdam Zuid Station.The Connexxion R-net double-deckers can run at 100 km/h and are equipped with comfortable seats and the latest gadgets. These include USB ports, power sockets and a screen showing where the free seats are located.


Type the number of the bus line in the following search engine and find the timetable with departure times and bus stops: