Airport Shuttle Eindhoven

The Airport Shuttle (bus line 400) is a direct bus connection between the Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven Station. The bus only stops once along the way and is therefore a quick way to travel between the airport and the station. 

Bus line 400

The Airport Shuttle is a fast and easy way to travel between the airport and the centre of Eindhoven. Bus line 400 runs every 15 minutes. The bus only stops once at: Woensel XL. The travel time between the airport and the station is about 20 minutes.

Bus line 401

Bus line 401 also runs between Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven station. This bus line runs every 10 minutes and stops at all between bus stops.

Combo ticket train + bus

If you travel by train or bus, then the Combo ticket is ideal. This ticket is valid on the train to Eindhoven station and on the Airport Shuttle.

You can buy an e-ticket with destination Eindhoven Airport on the NS website. In the e-ticket shop, choose 'Airport Eindhoven heenreis' or 'Airport Eindhoven terugreis'. You can also buy a train + bus ticket at the NS ticket machine. Then choose 'Eindhoven Airport' as your destination.

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