Bike sharing (deelfiets)

Still need to walk a bit from the bus stop to your final destination? Then the shared bike is a great solution. In a number of places in North Holland, you can hire a shared bike via your phone.
Connexxion and its sub-brands have partnered with Uw Deelfiets. They offer share bikes close to bus stops for a fee. Return can be done at bike drop-off locations close to your bus stop. At an NS station, you can use an OV bike after a train journey.

Uw Deelfiets

At over 40 locations in Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Nieuw-Vennep, Velsen, Beverwijk, Driehuis, Den Helder, Den Oever, Schagen and Huizen, there are shared bicycles from provider Uw Deelfiets. The bikes are recognisable by their red/black colours.


Uw Deelfiets is a personal service where you can rent a bicycle easily and quickly. You can rent the bike by the hour. Check out the website of Uw Deelfiets for more information on costs.

For employers

Employers can take out subscriptions with Uw Deelfiets for their employees where the employer can pay for rides in advance or monthly by direct debit.

Rent a shared bike now

The rental module below shows you where the bikes are waiting for you. Click on the location, per location you can rent 1 to 4 bikes.