Amsteltram coming, changes (R-net) bus lines

Starting July 21, 2024, the renewed streetcar connection "Amsteltram" (R-net) of GVB will also run to and from Uithoorn. The current streetcar connection runs from Amsterdam South to Amstelveen Westwijk and will be extended to Uithoorn starting July 21, 2024. 

Starting points

Transport Region of Amsterdam described in 2023 the conditions the transport networks must meet when the streetcar connection from the Amstel streetcar to Uithoorn is put into operation. This applies to both streetcar and bus connection(s). The amsteltram is operated by GVB.

Three streetcar stops in Uithoorn

Three streetcar stops are planned in Uithoorn; a western stop in the Legmeer district (stop 'Aan de Zoom'), a central stop at the existing Uithoorn bus station and an eastern stop near the old station building (stop Uithoorn Centrum). In Amstelveen, an additional stop is planned at a later stage north of the N201 and south of the current Westwijk terminus. The Sacharovlaan stop will have an important transfer function.

The changes in the bus network

As of July 21, 2024, Connexxion R-net lines 347, 348 and 358 will be discontinued and a new line will be introduced; line 178.

Rush hour line 274 which currently runs to Amsterdam South will be shortened via Amstelplein to Uithoorn Zijdelwaard.

Line 174 is expanded to a line that always runs 2x per hour (including weekends and evenings) and gets a route change in Uithoorn to continue serving Zijdelwaard. The Amstel streetcar will take over R-net 347/348 in Uithoorn. The line combination 174/274 remains, but no longer runs via Legmeer but up to Zijdelwaard in a modified form within Uithoorn. Also, Connexxion line 357 will run 8x per hour between Aalsmeer Bus Station and Amsterdam Elandsgracht (4x per hour during rush hour from Kudelstaart and 2x during off-peak/evenings/weekends).

Halte Sacharovlaan in Amstelveen will become an important interchange point for line 357. Line 358 will be discontinued because line 357 will be a full alternative. For passengers from Amstelveen who do not live near the Amstel streetcar, the new line 178 is introduced from Poortwachter via Amstelveen bus station to Amsterdam Zuid v.v. which has the same route as the current lines 274 and 348.

The bus lines in a row

Line 174: Uithoorn Amstelplein - Amstelveen
The route changes within Uithoorn. The line no longer runs via Legmeer (because the Amstel streetcar runs there) but via Zijdelwaard (because here the R-net lines 347/348 are discontinued) to Amstelveen. The route in Amstelveen remains unchanged, including the one-way route via the Raadhuis and Rembrandtweg, among others. At the Brink express tram stop there will remain the possibility to change from express streetcar to bus or vice versa. Between Uithoorn Amstelwijk and Amstelveen bus station this line will always run 2x per hour v.v.

Line 178: Amstelveen Poortwachter - Amsterdam Zuid
This new line will have almost the same route as the current lines 274 and 348 between Poortwachter and Amsterdam Zuid. Line 274 is discontinued within Amstelveen and to Amsterdam Zuid and line 348 is completely discontinued (see line 274 and 348). Line 178 is a "disconnecting" line, which suits shorter walking distances, meaning not a stop every 800 meters, creating the possibility of opening additional stops on the route. The Municipality of Amstelveen has expressed the desire to stop at 3 additional stops compared to the 348, namely the Startbaan stop, the Plesmansingel stop and the Heemraadschapslaan stop.

The Reizigersadvies Raad (Travelers' Advisory Council) has expressed a desire to reopen the Koenenkade stop in Amsterdam. Connexxion honors these wishes. Because it is impossible to turn around at Poortwachter, the approach route will be via Beneluxbaan so that the Grote Beer stop in the direction of Amsterdam will also be the exit stop.

Line 178 will run 4x per hour on weekdays from 7:00-19:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00-18:00 a quarter hour service. Outside (early trips and in the evening) it is a half-hourly service v.v.

Line 274: Uithoorn Amstelplein - Amsterdam Zuid
This rush hour line, which now only runs in the morning towards Amstelveen/Amsterdam and in the afternoon only towards Uithoorn, is shortened to Zijdelwaard from Uithoorn Amstelplein. Within Uithoorn this rush hour line rides between the half-hourly service of line 174 in such a way that every fifteen minutes there is pre or onward transport on the Amstel streetcar to and from Zijdelwaard.

Line 347: Uithoorn Bus Station - Amsterdam Elandsgracht
This line will be discontinued with the introduction of the Amstel streetcar.

Line 348: Uithoorn Bus Station - Amsterdam South
This line will be cancelled at the introduction of the Amstel streetcar.

Line 357: Aalsmeer - Amsterdam Elandsgracht
This line is extended to Kudelstaart, with the same frequency as line 358 had (4x during rush hour, 2x outside). Between Aalsmeer and Amsterdam Elandsgracht the frequency will be 8x per hour.
There will be new stops and the pedestrian bridge at the Legmeerdijk near Royal Floraholland. This eliminates the stops at the Floraholland traffic circle and allows this line to go directly to Amsterdam v.v. without making an extra loop on the Floraholland grounds.

Line 358: Kudelstaart/Aalsmeer - Amsterdam South
This line will be discontinued with the extension of line 357 to Kudelstaart and the introduction of the Amstel streetcar.

Line N47: Uithoorn Bus Station - Amsterdam CS
This line continues to run because the Amstel streetcar does not run at night.

Transfer stop Sacharovlaan

It was mentioned earlier that R-net 357 will have an important transfer function. This is because without this transfer it is not possible to cancel line 347, 348 and line 358. Precisely because the Amstel streetcar runs 6x per hour and R-net 357 8x per hour, it is important that the Sacharovlaan interchange offers the quality that waiting passengers can expect.

With the cancellation of R-net 347/348 and shortening of rush hour line 274, there is no longer a direct public transport connection for travelers from Uithoorn to Amstelveen bus station, metro station Amstelveenseweg, Haarlemmermeer station, Museumplein and Leidseplein (Amsterdam Center). With the change of R-net line 357 to 8x per hour, this disadvantage is overcome. All travelers from Uithoorn who travel with the Amsteltram can transfer to line 357 on weekdays every 10 minutes (6x per hour) at the Sacharovlaan stop, which serves all the above destinations 8x per hour.

The same goes for travelers from Aalsmeer/Kudelstaart who want to travel to Amsterdam Zuid. With the elimination of line 358 and expansion of line 357, a better connection to the center of Amsterdam has been created from both places, but there are no direct buses to Amsterdam Zuid. The Amstel streetcar stops at the Sacharovlaan stop, and travelers from Kudelstaart and Aalsmeer can travel to Station Zuid with one transfer. The main transfer is at the Sacharovlaan stop.

Impact on subscriptions

If you travel with a Randstad North Zone Subscription (RNZA) then nothing changes. The season ticket is valid in a chosen travel area and does not depend on the carrier used to travel within this area. Even after July 20th, 2024, RNZA monthly and yearly subscriptions remain valid within the same zones.

If you travel with a Connexxion Amstelland Vrij (AML Vrij) monthly or annual season ticket, there will be changes. The Connexxion AML Vrij subscription is NOT valid on the Amsteltram (GVB). This means the following:
  • A number of Connexxion bus lines will be cancelled. If you are used to traveling one of those bus lines, your AML Vrij subscription may no longer be the best solution for you. We advise you not to buy an AML Vrij monthly pass after June 21, 2024.
  • We advise against buying an AML Vrij annual season ticket in the coming months if you want to travel on Connexxion bus lines that will expire on July 21st, 2024. Travel with an AML Vrij monthly subscription or you can opt for an RNZA annual pass that allows you to travel on both GVB and Connexxion.
  • If you already have an AML Vrij annual season ticket that has an expiration date after July 20th, 2024, you can get a refund. Based on an entire year, we calculate to the day how many days you will miss.
    • Example: Your AML Vrij annual subscription continues until October 21st, 2024. Then you will receive 92/366 part of your subscription from us in return. You have paid € 555 per year. You will receive € 139.50 in return.
    • More information about the method of application and refund follows on this page from June 1st, 2024 at the latest.