Objecting to a fine

Objecting procedure

Do you disagree with the fine you have received? You can object if you can substantiate and prove with facts and evidence that the fine was imposed unfairly. You must file your objection within 7 days after you received the fine.

Mail the following information to debiteuren@connexxion.nl:

  • Your reasoning: Why is the fine unjustified? Why do you qualify for compensation?
  • The invoice reference number.
  • A copy of your ticket (e.g. e-ticket or OV-chipkaart).
  • An overview of your travel products, showing for example which subscription you have.
  • An overview of your travel history. You can retrieve this via your account at www.ov-chipkaart.nl.

Connexxion will review your objection and make a decision. You cannot object to Connexxion's decision again. Further correspondence will therefore not be considered.

When is it not worthwhile to file an objection?

In the following cases an objection will always be rejected:

  • You traveled on credit, and forgot to check in.
  • You traveled on credit, but had insufficient credit on your OV-chipkaart.
  • You traveled on account (e.g. Schiphol Flex) and forgot to check in.
  • You traveled using someone else's OV-chipkaart.
  • You were unable to prove that you are legitimately using a specific travel product that requires additional identification, such as a company or Schiphol card.
  • You traveled with an invalid ticket (e.g. yesterday's ticket) or travel on a day or time that is excluded from your travel product (e.g. you travel outside off-peak hours).
  • You had a bicycle with you, but you did not buy a ticket for taking your bicycle with you.
  • Your OV-chipkaart is damaged in a way that it could not be verified, e.g. passport photo is no longer verifiable or the chip is damaged so that it cannot be scanned.
  • You have received previous warnings.