Niteliner fares Amstelland-Meerlanden

At night there are other fares for the bus

You get:

Amstelland Meerlanden region
One-way trip
Valid on bus lines N30, N47, N57, N90, N92, N94 and N97

€ 5.00

For sale from the bus driver

Valid where?

On the night lines: N30, N47, N57, N90, N92, N94 and N97.

Valid when?

Het kaartje is geldig voor een enkele reis, overstappen is niet mogelijk.


The Niteliner tickets costs € 5.00 and can be bought from the bus driver.

Please note: OV student cards are not valid for Niteliners! Other free travel subscriptions and discount cards are valid.


  • The ticket is available from the bus driver. Simply pay with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible.
  • Connexxion also accepts the € 8.00 Night ticket from GVB or EBS, if bought on the same day.
Tip: You can also pay with an OV-chipkaart*.

* When paying with an OV-chipkaart, you do not pay a fixed amount of € 5.00, but a boarding fare of boarding fare of € 1.70 + the kilometres travelled x amount per kilometre (€ 0.166).‚Äč


Night bus

A regular bus that only runs in the evening and at night on certain days.

Amstelland Meerlanden

Het busvervoer in de gemeentes Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Ouder-Amstel (behalve Duivendrecht), Uithoorn en Haarlemmermeer.