BusTramMetro 1.5 hour Ticket

Travel easily through the capital

You get:

Amsterdam and the surrounding area
1.5 hour travel
Valid on buses, trams, subways of the carriers Connexxion, EBS and GVB.

€ 6.50

For sale from the bus driver

Valid where?

The buses, trams, subways of the carriers Connexxion, EBS and GVB. For Connexxion it is valid on all bus lines of Amstelland Meerlanden. Lines that run in the region as well as to, from, and in Amsterdam and also to Haarlem are lines 255, 300, 340, 346, 356.

Not valid on the lines:
  • 320 (Amsterdam, Amstel Station > Hilversum, Station)
  • 382 (Amsterdam, Station Sloterdijk > IJmuiden)
  • 80 (Amsterdam, Elandsgracht > Zandvoort)
  • Night lines

Valid when?

This ticket offers the traveller the possibility to travel for 90 minutes and to switch between the three carriers.

This ticket offers the possibility to switch from (for example) bus to metro without any problems; the gates of the metro can be opened with this ticket. After checking in for the first time, you can travel for 90 minutes. Checking in and out in between carriers/modes of transport is necessary. Of course, it is also possible to change to buses (or trams) of the same carrier.


The price of the BTM 1.5 hour ticket is € 6.50.

Children 4 to 11 can buy a Kids day ticket Noord-Holland from the bus driver for € 1.00. Children 0 to 3 years old can travel for free.


  • When travelling with Connexxion and EBS you can buy the ticket from the bus driver. Simply pay with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible.
  • GVB only sells the ticket in ticket machines at the stations and stops.
  • Another point of sale in the city that can be found via the Service point finder (kies buy travel products)