Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour. Travel with OV-chipkaart or buy your ticket in advance.

Road works Rijksstraatweg

The Province of Noord-Holland and the municipality of Haarlem are working together to improve public transport. The most important aspect of this plan is the realization of High Quality Public Transport (HOV), between Haarlem, IJmuiden and Beverwijk, among others. In order to improve bus traffic flow and increase safety for cyclists, several intersections along this route will be improved. This work will be carried out in phases between November 2019 and September 2020.

Impact on your bus trip

The most extensive work will be carried out between February and July 2020. This work will have important consequences for the traffic flow on the Rijksstraatweg. The consequences for public transport are described below by bus line.


Het busvervoer in het gebied rondom Haarlem en IJmuiden. Ook de stadsdienst van Haarlem behoort tot deze concessie.


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