Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour. Travel with OV-chipkaart or buy your ticket in advance.

Line network maps and line folders

Please note that all our line network maps and line folders are in Dutch.

Line network maps

A line network map is a map of a transport area with all the bus lines, the routes they travel and the locations of the bus stops.

Line network maps per area

Line folders

A line folder is a booklet with all the timetables in it. Timetables can sometimes differ from the line folder if there is a diversion or disruption, or if the timetable has been adjusted in the meantime. If you are going to travel by bus, it is best to use our timetable search engine.

Amstelland Meerlanden and Zaanstreek

Noord-Holland Noord, Gooi en Vechtstreek and Haarlem-IJmond

We do not produce line folders in these three transport areas. Do you still want the timetable on paper? Then you can print it yourself or request a printed version from our customer service.

Hoeksche Waard Goerree Overflakkee and Zeeland