Park+Ride towards Nijmegen

Travel comfortably and quickly past the traffic jams in the Nijmegen city region. Breng RijnWaalsprinter (line 300) and Breng direct Waalsprinter (line 125) will bring you from P+R Waalsprinter to the centre of Nijmegen or Heijendaal.
These Breng bus lines often runs past traffic jams via bus lanes and deliberately make fewer stops. A smart and fast alternative to travelling by car!

This is how it works

  1. Park the car at P+R Waalsprinter.
  2. Buy a parking ticket. This is your ticket for the bus (maximum 4 people). Valid for line 125 on the whole route, for line 300 only between P+R Waalsprinter and Heijendaal.
  3. Take the bus from the Ovatonde bus stop to your desired destination.
  4. Take the bus back to the car park.
  5. Use the ticket as an exit ticket on departure.

Parking at P+R Waalsprinter

Willem van Arenbergstraat
6515 AE Nijmegen


Bus line 300 runs daily and bus line 125 only runs on Saturdays.
Type 125 or 300 in the following search engine to find the timetable of the bus with departure times and bus stops:

Individual tickets