In a number of regions, we offer a OVflex service, in addition to the regular bus lines. OVflex is a sustainable and flexible transport service to order. You decide when you will be picked up at your bus stop and where you will be dropped off.
So, there is no fixed timetable for OVflex. A small bus will pick you up at a bus stop at the agreed time, and will take you as quickly as possible to your selected bus stop. You may have to share the vehicle with other passengers. But that only happens if your arrival time is not affected. Reservations can be made via a free flex-app or by calling.


  • More departure times in areas that used to have only one bus an hour.
    Environmentally friendly: no more large empty buses.
  • Customised transport with seat guarantee for all passengers (space for wheelchair and pushchair).
  • Easy to book via a flex-app or telephone.
  • Easy payment with your OV-chipkaart, debit card or credit card.
  • Via the app, you can see the exact time your transportation will arrive.
  • No unnecessary waiting around at the bus stop.

Regions where OVflex is available

We offer OVflex in different regions. Costs, reservation times and booking methods may vary per region. Each region is divided into smaller areas. You can only travel from bus stop to bus stop within one area and not between different areas.