Major detour and deleted stops bus lines 341, 397 and N97

From January 21, 2024 through August 22, 2024, the Old Hague Bridge (‘Oude Haagsebrug’) will be replaced. This means no traffic will be possible on this stretch.
The detour does not affect the validity of a subscription or the amount that is paid to travel with your OV-chipkaart or debit card.

Travelers from Schiphol Airport towards Amsterdam:

Bus lines 341, 397 and N97 run from Schiphol Airport stop directly to Amsterdam stop, Amstelveenseweg. For travel to or via junction ‘Knooppunt Schiphol Noord’ (also for IBIS Hotels) at Schiphol Airport choose line 300 (direction Bijlmer Arena) and get off at the next stop (junction Schiphol Noord). The Amsterdam Anderlechtlaan stop will be cancelled in both directions. This stop is temporarily relocated 300mtrs at the other side of the motorway A4/A10 for bus 369 only.

Travelers in the direction of Schiphol/Hoofddorp:

Bus lines 341, 397 and N97 continue from the Amsterdam, Amstelveenseweg stop directly to junction ‘Knooppunt Schiphol Noord’ and from there to Schiphol Airport and beyond.

The Amsterdam Anderlechtlaan stop will be cancelled in both directions. Please use bus 369 and us the relocated bus stop.

Travelers with destination (IBIS Hotels) junction ‘Knooppunt Schiphol Noord’:

From Schiphol Airport, choose bus line 300 towards Bijlmer Arena.

Travelers from junction ‘Knooppunt Schiphol Noord’ to Amsterdam:

Choose line 300 towards Haarlem and change the first stop at Schiphol Airport to bus 397 at stop B17 towards Amsterdam city center.

Stop Schiphol, Cateringweg:

This stop is temporarily serviced by line 300 and N30 in both directions. This will allow travel to bus station Amstelveen and junction ‘Knooppunt Schiphol Noord’ and further towards Schiphol Airport and Hoofddorp/Haarlem.

Note: Line 397 and N97 do not travel via this stop.

Travelers with destination (Mercure Hotel) stop ‘Anderlechtlaan’:

From Schiphol Airport, choose line 369 towards Amsterdam, Station Sloterdijk.
The Anderlechtlaan stop has been temporarily relocated 300 meters to the other side of the A10 freeway.

View the temporary route map below: