Annual Schiphol Subscription

As an employee of an affiliated Schiphol company, you can travel with the Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS) on a personal public transport chip card. You check in when you get on and check out when you get off for every bus journey. During the journey, you don’t need to do anything. The JAS automatically calculates the free ride within the Schiphol area.

What is the Schiphol area?

Free travel with JAS applies to the whole of Schiphol within zones 5733 and 5734. The direct JAS ride from Schiphol to KLM Head Office and Amstelveen bus station is only valid for Schiphol busnet buses 186 and 187. If you travel via R-net on the A9 motorway JAS is not valid.

Map of the JAS area

If you travel beyond the JAS area as shown on the map, your JAS subscription is not valid.

Map of JAS area

(click to enlarge image - pdf, 3 MB)

Which bus lines is it valid for?

Besides the Schiphol busnet within the area referred to above, the JAS subscription is also valid on other Connexxion bus lines; R-net 300/310 (not on A9), 216.

Am I allowed to travel with a JAS subscription?

When travelling on the Annual Schiphol Subscription (JAS), you always need to have your Schiphol pass/KLM pass or affiliated company pass on you. This entitles you to make use of the JAS subscription. If you travel for free using the JAS but you do not have one of the passes listed above on your person, you risk being fined if there is a ticket inspection.

Please note: Schiphol busnet is a public transport network, so you can of course always choose to travel using your personal public transport chip card credit.

Where can I charge up the JAS?

You can charge up the JAS subscription at the following points:

  • P30 (in the waiting room)
  • P40 (in the waiting room)
  • VCC The Base C, Westelijke Randweg 3-69, 1118 CR Schiphol.
  • Badge Center, Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol.
  • Crew Center (BMC), 1st floor
  • AKO store, arrivals hall 4
  • Building 133, Schiphol Oost
  • KLM Head Office, Amstelveen (in company canteen)

Employees of companies that are not affiliated to the Schiphol pass can get a cardboard Schiphol busnet subscription. This may be obtained from the VCC (Vervoer Coördinatie Centrum - transport coordination centre).

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