In the train

Just as with the NS, under certain conditions, you are allowed to bring your luggage, pets or a bicycle with you onboard the train.


In principle, taking luggage with you onboard the train is allowed under the following conditions:
  • Your luggage may not exceed (height, width or depth) demensions of 85 cm.
  • You keep an eye on your luggage, it is your own responsibility.
  • You ensure that your luggage does not obstruct the aisle or hinder other passengers and does not take up a seat if a fellow passenger wishes to seat there.
  • Our train staff may deny you access to the train or oblige you to leave the train if they believe that your luggage, or the use thereof, will cause hindrance.


Smaller pets may be carried in a carrier bag, basket or similar item in all trains. If you do not transport a dog in a basket or cage, the animal must be kept on a short leash and you must buy a ticket intended for this purpose. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs may always board for free if the dog is wearing a guide dog harness.

Our train staff can oblige you to leave the station or train with your animal if they feel that your animal is dangerous, a nuisance or a hindrance.


With a Bicycle Ticket Off-peak (Fietskaart Dal) you can take a bike onboard on weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00 hrs and between 18.30 and 6.30 hrs. On weekends or in July and August you can bring a bicycle onboard all day.


You can bring a stroller onboard our trains.
  • Place the stroller on the wheelchair spot during the ride, provided no one else is using it. A passenger in a (electric) wheelchair has prioty over a stroller.
  • Put the stroller on the brake during the ride.
  • Try and take a seat in the train.

Travelling with a wheelchair or walker

More information about travelling with a wheelchair or walker can befound on the web page: Mobility impairment’.


In the bus

What can you take with you, what facilities do we offer and what rules apply on the bus?