Manual to request a transfer

With the travel information app you can quickly an easily request a transfer. If possible, the connecting bus will wait for you!

Request a transfer

Is your bus delayed and are you going to miss a connecting bus? Request a transder with the travel information apps of Breng (Arnhem-Nijmegen region), Connexxion, Hermes and Overal (North Holland North).

You can only request a transfer if the connecting bus is scheduled to depart after the scheduled arrival time of your delayed bus. For example, if the bus is scheduled to arrive at the bus station at 10:14, you cannot request an interchange for a bus that is scheduled to depart from that bus station at 10:12. It is only possible if the connecting bus is due to leave at 10:14 or later. Buses wait a maximum of three minutes to avoid a "snowball" effect in the schedules of other buses.

How do you request a transfer?

  1. Go to the department screen.
  2. Find the stop where you want to get off the bus.
  3. Give permission to share your GPS location. This allows the system to find the bus from which you are requesting a transfer.
  4. If the system cannot find your bus you get a number of options. Choose the bus number where you are traveling with.
  5. You receive a confirmation of your requested transfer. If you wish, you can also cancel your request here. You will also receive a conformation when your request meets the criteria of the transfer and that the bus is waiting for you at the transfer station.