Ordering in the webshop

You can travel with your OV-chipkaart if there is a free travel subscription, discount card or credit on it. You can buy these products in our webshop. We explain how this works.
  1. Choose a free travel subscription or discount card that best suits your travel behaviour.
  2. Order the travel product in the webshop.
  3. Load the travel product onto your OV-chipkaart at a pick-up point in your area.
Read more about each step via the tabs.

Choosing a subscription in the webhop

Go to the webshop and choose the subscription that best suits your travel behaviour. For each subscription there is more about the validity:
  • Which region
  • The period of validity
  • By which carriers and means of transport
A number of subscriptions allow you to travel within one or more zones. You determine your centre zone and set your star value.

Centre zone and star value

Some subscriptions are valid within a number of zones. Exactly where you can travel and in which area depends on the chosen centre zone and star value.

From the centre zone, you can travel in any direction. The centre zone is the centre of your travel area. How far you can travel in all directions with the subscription is determined by the chosen star value.

The star value indicates how many zones you can travel in. So: the higher the star value, the greater the distance you can travel. With 1-star you only travel in the chosen centre zone, with 2-star you travel in the centre zone + 1 adjacent zone in all directions, etc.

Determine your centre zone in the western part of the Netherlands

A 'zone tool' has been developed for Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Zeeland. On the basis of your starting point and final destination, this tool calculates the most ideal centre zone and how high your star value should be.

Maybe you regularly travel to another place that is just outside the travel area? By clicking on a number from another centre zone or adjusting the star value, you can adjust the travel area to your liking.

Determining the centre zone for other provinces

In the 'zone tool' you can determine in which zone you wish to travel and which adjacent zones belong to it. The tool can calculate this for you for other provinces than those mentioned above.

Ordering subscription in the webshop

Order the subscription directly in the webshop. Fill in all the necessary information, such as your OV-chipkaart number. Based on your card number, we check the date of birth linked to this card. Then you will see the price for your age category in bold.

Some subscriptions require you to fill in your name and address details. We need this information in order to forward your OV-verklaring (public transport declaration) to the Tax and Customs Administration.

Paying in the webshop

You can pay with iDeal. For a number of annual subscriptions it is also possible to pay in instalments by direct debit. The request form can be found in the information about the subscription.


Once you have paid, you will receive a payment confirmation by email. You cannot travel with the subscription at this time. To be able to travel, you must first put the subscription on your OV-chipkaart. This is called "pick-up order".

Pick-up purchased subscriptions

As soon as your order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with information about when you can put the subscription on your OV-chipkaart. You will not be able to travel with it until it has been 'loaded' onto your card.

'Loading' the product on your OV-chipkaart has to be done at a pick-up point. These can be found in many places in your neighbourhood, such as train stations, supermarkets, tobacco shops as well as on some buses on the outside behind the window.

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