Sentire: for visually impaired people

With Sentire, visually impaired people can travel throughout the Netherlands at a lower boarding fare on the metro, bus, tram and water public transport.
You can get Sentire for free. With Sentire, you travel on credit with a fixed boarding fare of €1.20. With Sentire, you are entitled to the standard age discount that applies to city and regional transport for travel on credit.

You can use Sentire if you have both:
  • A OV-begeleiderskaart (B)
  • A personal OV-chipkaart

How does it work?

  1. Apply for the Sentire subscription using the application form at the bottom of this web page.
  2. Reguarly check your email, because you will receive a message when you can pick up your subscription.
  3. Load Sentire onto your personal OV-chipkaart at a pick-up device in your area.

Applying for Sentire

Before purchasing, please read the Sentire product terms and conditions. Then apply for the subscription by downloading and completing the application form. Send the completed form to our customer service.

Visual impairment

There are various ways in which we accommodate partially sighted or blind people who travel by bus or train.