Travel ticket Region Far Haarlem-IJmond

Travelling long-distance routes

You get:

Haarlem-IJmond region
A one-way trip on long-distance routes
Valid on all Connexxion buses

€ 6.60

For sale from the bus driver

In Dutch: Reiskaart Streek Ver Haarlem-IJmond

Valid where?

The Travel ticket Region Far is valid on all Connexxion buses in the Haarlem-IJmond travel area. With this ticket, you can travel from one place to another on long-distance routes:
  • IJmuiden - Amsterdam and v.v. (bus line 82, R-net line 382)
  • Amsterdam – Aerdenhout (Viersprong) and beyond, and v.v. (bus line 80)
  • Haarlem – Uitgeest and v.v. (bus line 73)
  • Beverwijk – Alkmaar and v.v. (bus line 79 and changing over to bus line 167)
This ticket is not valid on the Niteliner; there is a special fare for travelling with the night bus.

The ticket is also not valid on buses coming from another travel area or buses of another carrier.

Valid when?

The ticket, bought from the driver, is only valid on the day of issue. Tickets purchased at service points are valid on the day of first check-in.


This ticket costs € 6.60

Conditions changing buses

  • A barcode will be printed on this card so that you can change buses, if applicable. When transferring, you give the ticket to the driver who will scan the ticket for you.
  • Changing buses depends on the time of day:
    • A ticket purchased and checked in before 09.00 hrs on working days is considered to be a one-way ticket; you cannot change buses.
    • With a ticket purchased and checked in after 09.00 hrs on working days you can change buses up to 45 minutes first check in.
    • With a ticket purchased and checked in any time on weekends and public holidays you can change buses up to 45 minutes first check in.
  • You can change over to another bus line once (with exception of R-net lines 255, 300, 340, 346 and 356).


  • The ticket is available from the bus driver. Simply pay with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible.
  • Another point of sale in the city that can be found using the service point finder (choose buy travel product)


Regular bus

This is a bus service with a fixed timetable and a fixed route.


Het busvervoer in het gebied rondom Haarlem en IJmuiden. Ook de stadsdienst van Haarlem behoort tot deze concessie.