Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour.

"Gemak" ticket Hoeksche Waard/Goeree-Overflakkee

Pay for the distance you travel

You get:

Hoeksche Waard/Goeree-Overflakkee region
Valid for one trip
On all Connexxion buses (including R-net)

€ 2.25

from price

Valid where?

The "Gemak" ticket is valid on all Connexxion buses (including R-net) in the Hoeksche Waard/Goeree Overflakkee region.

Valid when?

The ticket is only valid on the day of issue.


The price of the ticket depends of the distance travelled (in zones). The maximum travel time depends on the ticket (30 to max. 120 minutes). Changing buses is permitted as long as it's within the time limit of the ticket.
  • Gemakskaart € 2.25
    1 or 2 zones, maximum 30 minutes after issue.
  • Gemakskaart € 4.50
    3,4 or 5 zones, maximum maal 45 minutes after issue.
  • Gemakskaart € 7.25
    6, 7 or 8 zones, maximum 90 minutes after issue.
  • Gemakskaart € 9.55
    9 or 10 zones, maximum 120 minutes after issue.
  • Gemakskaart €11.75
    11 or more zones, maximum 120 minutes after issue.
Children(4 to 11 years old) travel with the bus for free after 09.00 with the Kids Ticket. When travelling before 09.00 hrs, you can buy a € 2.25 "Gemak" ticket per child. Children under the age of three always travel for free.


You can only buy this ticket from the bus driver. Simply pay with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible.