Valleilijn tickets

You can travel on the Valleine train with credit or a subscription on a OV-chipkaart, on account with your OV-chipkaart or with a single-use chipkaart. You can also uses your contactless debit card, credit card or the debit card on your phone to check in and out.


At all Valleilijn stations you will find ticket machines where you can top-up the credit on your OV-chipkaart. You have to have at least € 20 credit on your OV-chipkaart to be able to travel with a Valleilijn train.

Subscriptions and discount cards

The following subscriptions and discount cards can be used when travelling with the Valleilijn:
  • Student travel product
  • Annual public transport subscription
  • NS subscription Altijd Vrij, Dal Vrij and Weekend Vrij
    Please note: make sure you have at least € 10 on your OV-chipkaart. If you have less credit the OV-chipkaart readers will not recognise the Valleilijn subscriptions.
  • NS discount cards Dal Voordeel and Altijd Voordeel
    These also offer discount on the Valleilijn train.
  • NS subscription Traject Vrij
    You can buy a Traject Vrij for a route on the Valleilijn but also for a route from a Valleilijn station to an NS station.
  • Day tickets of offers from, for example, HEMA, Kruidvat and AH

Travelling on account

Would you rather pay after travelling? This is possible with the NS Business Card (business travellers) and NS Flex (private individuals). Both methods of payment are valid on the Valleilijn.


It is also possible to check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card or the debit card on your phone. Very useful if you only travel occasionally by public transport.

Single-use chipkaart

You can also travel with a single-use chipkaart. You pay the full fare plus a surcharge of € 1. The single-use chipkaart is available via the NS ticket machine at the stations Ede-Wageningen, Ede Centrum, Lunteren, Barneveld, Barneveld Noord and Amersfoort. They are not available at stations Hoevelaken and Barneveld Zuid and are therefore not valid from these stations.