Checking in and out of the Valleilijn

Please do not forget to always check and out! This is also for people travelling with a subscriptions. You must check in at the departure station and check out at the arrival station. You can use your OV-chipkaart or your contactless debit card. There are card readers on the platforms of all stations. You will recognise a card reader as it has an OV-chipkaart logo as well as the logo of your carrier on it.
Please be aware of which card reader you use. NS and Connexxion card readers are located at Amersfoort en Ede-Wageningen stations. When travelling with the Valleilijn train, use the card readers with Valleilijn/Connexxion logos. Not the ones with the NS logo!

Are you changing trains in Amersfoort or Ede-Wageningen to/from an NS train? Then you first have to check out with the carrier that brought you and then check in with the carrier that you are going to continue your journey with.

Forget to check out?

If you forgot to check out — for example, due to a malfunction or because you forgot to do so — you can request a refund. This can be done in three simple steps via

To know when you are entitled to it, you can sign up for a Missed Checkout Alert. Sign up for this email alert at
Please note: Credit can be reclaimed for up to 3 trips per carrier per half year (periods January to June and July to December).

Blind and partially sighted

Blind and partially sighted people may correct all missed check-outs, unlike other passengers travelling with the NS Business Card. The Service Desk for the Blind & Partially Sighted can correct this. They are available via 0800 4848400 (free) or via email:


Valleilijn tickets

What kind of tickets are available and how do I pay for them?

OVpay: checking in and out with your debit card

Use your contactless debit card, credit card or the payment app on your phone for checking in and out.