Paying in Amstelland-Meerlanden

There are more and more ways to pay for public transport. You can travel with an OV-chipkaart, a barcode, the Tranzer app or you can buy an individual ticket with a debit or credit card. Cash payment is no longer possible on buses. You can still buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart with cash at several points of sale in the region.

Choose a method of payment that suits you best

Individual tickets can be paid on the bus with a debit card. Simply pay in the front of the bus, with the bus driver. It is really easy and safe! Take a look at the payment options in Amstelland-Meerlanden:


With the handy Tranzer app, you can buy a mobile ticket. You can then buy a ticket that is valid for your entire journey, whether you are travelling on a Connexxion bus or an NS train. Download the free Tranzer app onto your smartphone (Android or Apple) and buy your ticket online. 


You can also continue to pay on the bus with your OV-chipkaart. With both an anonymous and personal card you can travel on credit. You can also add a subscription or discount card onto the personal OV-chipkaart.

Choose the convenience of automatic top-up!

With a personal OV-chipkaart you can choose for automatic top-up. The credit on your OV-chipkaart is then automatically increased as soon as it falls below a certain amount. This way, you will always have enough credit to travel.

With automatic top-up, you will never have to go to a ticket machine to load credit onto your OV-chipkaart. You will always have a valid ticket in your pocket. You can, at any time, easily stop the automatic top-up.

XL service and sales outlets or distribution points in the region

The majority of our passengers buy their travel products online. But there are also people who would like personal advice. In order to be of service to these passengers, XL service locations will be set up in the course of 2019. At a premium location, you will be served by the shopkeeper at the cash desk. The retailer uses a POST (Point of Sales Tablet).

What can you do at an XL service location for?
  • Top-up credit onto your OV-chipkaart
  • Buy a single-use chipkaart
  • Load an online order onto your OV-chipkaart

Order online and pick-up at the bus

Are you looking for a subscription, discount card or credit for your OV-chipkaart? In our webshop you can order it directly online. There you will find information about which product is best suited to you.

In Amstelland-Meerlanden, you can pick-up the credit or subscription you bought at the bus. With the small pick-up point on the side of the bus, you can quickly and easily put products on your OV-chipkaart.