Deelfiets Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep

Do you not want to walk the last part of your journey between the bus stop and your final destination? Then renting a shared bike an option. At a number of locations in Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep, bike sharing from provider Donkey Republic is available.
Donkey Republic makes sure that the shared bikes stay in good condition and that there are enough bikes available at the public transport hubs. There is, therefore, little chance of there not being a bike available.

Bike sharing is pilot of Connexxion and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. It is possible that, in time, you can bike sharing in an increasing number of places.

Donkey Republic

At Donkey Republic, you can choose between different rate plans. Payment is by credit card. With a FREE local membership (only with a Dutch credit card) you can cycle every 30 minutes for € 0.75. With the subscription of € 9.00 a month you can cycle a maximum of 12 hours at a time.

Read more about bike sharing via Donkey Republic:
Donkey Republic in Hoofddorp
Donkey Republic in Nieuw-Vennep

Download the app

To see where the bikes are located and to reserve a bicycle, download the Donkey Republic app and create an account:

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