There are adjustments for the timetable, service provision and ticketing due to the coronavirus. Travel with OV-chipkaart or buy your ticket in advance.


Based on the latest government measures regarding the coronavirus, there are changes in our timetable and service provision. We try to provide the best possible service to our passengers. Plan your trip in advance for up-to-date travel advice and keep an eye on this page for updates. 

Timetable and rules

From June we will drive more often again. We will increase the capacity, so that people with a vital profession or people who are forced to travel for another reason, can continue to use public transport. We will provide as complete a service as possible, within the limitations imposed by the government measures surrounding the corona crisis. To enable responsible travel in public transport, we ask our travellers to abide by the national rules:

The national rules in short:

  • Travel by public transport only when really necessary.
  • Use a non-medical mouth mask in public transport (compulsory from 1 June for travellers aged 13 and over). Put on the mouth mask before boarding.
  • Keep sufficient distance in our vehicles, even when getting in and out of the vehicle
  • Avoid crowds: Travel as much as possible outside rush hour

Different service provision

The provision of services in public transport is becoming somewhat different from what travellers are used to in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

From 1 June wearing a mouth mask in public transport is mandatory

The use of mouth masks will become mandatory for passengers in public transport vehicles as of 1 June. Shawls and other mouth covers are not sufficient. Travellers themselves are responsible for purchasing mouth masks.

Boarding in the back

We ask travelers to get in through the back door and check in at the back. This reduces the number of contact moments between passengers and bus drivers. With this measure we try to find the right balance between the health of our employees and the service we provide to our passengers.

Travel with OV-chipkaart or buy your ticket in advance

Boarding in the back means you can't buy a separate ticket from the bus driver. However, you still need a valid ticket to travel with the bus. Therefore, we advise you to travel with an OV-chipkaart. You can upgrade the credit for you OV-chipkaart online.

No OV-chipkaart? Then choose for an e-ticket. Especially for this situation there is a Single Ride ticket for sale in our e-ticketshop.

Another option is to buy a ticket in the Tranzer app.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still travel by public transport?
Yes. You can travel by train, bus, tram or metro, except if you have complaints or fragile health. In that case it is advised to avoid public transport.

The social importance of public transport is great. We try to serve our travellers as long as possible. Finally, we also transport many passengers working in vital sectors on a daily basis. It is especially important that these employees are able to work at this time.

Due to the coronavirus, I will not be using my season ticket for the time being. Can I get the costs of my subscription back?
No negative public transport travel advice has been issued and travelling is still possible. It is not possible to reclaim (part of) the cost of your subscription. However, you can cancel your subscription according to the product conditions.