Adjusted timetable Amstelland-Meerlanden

Connexxion is also feeling the effects of the Covid pandemic. The number of sick notes is higher than other years. Therefore, we are forced to adjust the timetable in the region Amstelland-Meerlanden (AML). 

From Monday 7 February 2022 onwards, Connexxion runs in AML on Mondays to Fridays according to the timetable as if it were a Saturday. This way, we hope to prevent unplanned downtime due to sickness.


To provide the best possible service to our passengers, we have opted for customized services on several routes:

  • The Schiphol Network runs according to regular timetable and does not change.
  • Local bus 401 runs according to regular timetable and does not change.
  • AML Flex runs according to the regular timetable and does not change.

Several bus lines used by many schoolchildren and people in crucial professions run according to the regular timetable. They are:

  • Line 161
  • Line 163
  • Line 255
  • Line 257
  • Line 271
Line 346 runs as it does on Saturdays (with double-deckers though) every 15 minutes throughout the day. Two early rides have been brought forward:
5:59 from Haarlem, Station
6:36 from Amsterdam, Station Zuid

Lines 347, 348 en 357: extra early rides are added so departure times are like Monday through Friday (i.a. for VUMC staff).
Line 347 at 5:01 and line 348 at 6:20 from Uithoorn, Busstation
Line 357 at 6:14 from Aalsmeer, Bus Station

Keep an eye on this page for any changes.